About us

Quality is never out of style, and basics are the foundation under any look.
All we do is deliver sustainable timeless
quality in fit and materials.
Our brand originated from pure passion for beautiful basics of the highest quality. Premium materials, so your clothes will last. We love simple design with a perfect fit and you can find that in our collection. We only work with Sustainable & Honest materials. That’s why our awesome basics use cotton from The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

We offer our customers timeless clothing with a new perspective on sustainability, quality, design and service.
We keep it simple and our simplicity is of the highest quality. Because quality never goes out of style.
We make quality and timeless iconic basics that have been around a while and have proven their worth.

There are an endless number of factors that can differentiate one item from another. Two seemingly identical pieces can be very different types of apparel when you dissect what goes into the construction all the way down to the thread level. How an item is made has everything to do with the feel, fit and durability. LebasQ only creates quality clothing. 
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